If you don't want to upgrade to new Osclass 3.9.0, you can use use this guide to remove Osclass Market from your current installation.

This guide was made by webmods-croatia and was originally posted on which is now moved here.

About the guide.

This guide covers most, if not all, changes required to un-tie your site from Osclass Market

If you know some changes that we forgot, post it on our forums or contact us via the links above.

Verifying that this works.

As a test if this mods were successful, we put error_log('cURL:'.$url); in osc_file_get_contents() function.

We visited admin homepage, plugins, themes and language pages, settings page, we checked for updates, we ran cron, etc.

There wasn't a single cURL log that says that a request has been made to Osclass.

Also, all this changes were made on a live site as the guide was written. There were no problems, errors and warnings.